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More Than Music

With demonstrable experience in numerous genres and industries, we offer:

  • Recording, mixing, and mastering for:

    • All genres

    • Audio Books

    • Podcasts

    • Voice Acting

    • Overdubs

    • More

  • Innovative techniques and technologies to make sessions as efficient and cost effective as possible

  • Industry standard gear for clean and clear recordings

  • Private sessions

  • Quick and easy booking (+ reminders)

  • Professional, credited engineers

  • 24Bit, up to 192k

"We edit in real time. The rule of thumb is that, by the time you leave, you should have a playable product that is mostly finished, apart from in-depth adjustments."


~ Darryl "DeeCee" Cherry, Owner & Chief Engineer/Producer

Notable Partners

  • Crunchy Black, ThreeSixMafia

  • Project Pat

  • Lil Flip

  • Penguin Random House:

    • “Forever Free,” Best-Selling Audiobook

    • Dr. Tracy Bailey, CEO of Grand Strand Boys & Girls Club

    • Richard V. Romanillo, Engineer for PRH (Anderson Cooper, Dan Quayle, Jewel, Lemony Snikket, Kurt Vonnegette, and more)

    • Andrea Coughman, Producer for PRH

  • Jimmy Cold

  • K-Bird

  • Sadat X

  • Yard Gang

  • Dr. Glenn Toby

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